Inov-8 Bottle Softflask 0.5 l. 12'' Tube

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A compressible softflask designed to hold up to 500ml of water or gels with 12" drinks tube. Squeeze to drink or eat contents and remove all air to reduce bounce.

Highly versatile the Inov8 Softflask 0.5 12 Tube will keep you hydrated and energised on the go with ease. The lightweight, sleek design is quickly and easily removed from pockets, or is comfortable to run with, for fast hydration that doesn't interfere with performance. A simple squeeze of the flask whilst using your teeth to gently bite the nozzle will empty the contents of the flask with ease; continue to squeeze to remove air to reduce bounce. Designed to to hold gels, formulas, and liquids the versatile Softflask can be used for all your running needs. Once empty the flask can be compressed down to be small, light, and easy to pack away so you can enjoy a distraction free run.


  • Lightweight- Quick and easy to remove from pockets or comfortable to hold.
  • Compressible- Can be compressed and packed away.
  • Simple Squeeze Use- Easy, hassle free use.
  • Remove Excess Air- Reduces bounce.
  • Highly Versatile- Holds gel, formulas, and fluids.
  • Material- TPU